Every time a Black woman walks into a medical institution across the U.S. to receive prenatal care, she runs the risk of being discriminated against. As a result, Black women are 4 times more likely to die from complications during labor and delivery than other women. Furthermore, over 60% of these deaths are preventable and this horrific maternal mortality disparity has yet to be resolved. 

The Birthing Hut, LLC is passionately committed to combating these disparities with our services as birth workers, doula certification courses and trainings. We offer an array of customizable services to suite the specific preferences and needs of each of our mothers and their families.

We are also a training organization, offering courses that meet the needs of both parents and organizations such as Child Birth Education, Birth Planning, Postpartum Planning, Labor & Delivery Preparation, Breast and Formula Feeding Classes and Support, Belly Birth Basics and Daddy Doula Classes.

Lastly, The Birthing Hut train and certify Blacktivists – Black Birth Advocates. Our doulas are equipped with historically relevant information and statistics that ensures we are culturally competent and prepared for the task of advocating and supporting Black mothers. And although we prioritize Black mothers, we do serve all mothers.