Complimentary Consultation

•15 minute initial meeting to asses your needs and create a customized package of services and products to better serve you.

Birth Planning

• Customize birth plan. A birth plan is an essential document which communicates your birth desires to the medical staff and support system

Labor & Delivery Preparation (Virtual/ In- Person)

• Sessions will assist with breathing techniques, comfort measures, visualization and centering methods to provide relief through contractions and guide birth through those intense moments of active labor.

Postpartum Support– Postpartum support is essential to all parents. Tending to your recovery and a newborn, and juggling all other responsibilities can be stressful.

• Postpartum Planning

• Meal Prep

• Postpartum Visits (infant care, sibling care, light housekeeping)

Breastfeeding Support (Postpartum)

• Breastfeeding is very beneficial to both newborn and mommy. It can also be very difficult, physically and emotionally when there is no support. Our support will provide assessments and assist with proper latching, feeding cues, feeding positions etc.

Birth Doula Support (Virtual/ In-Person)

•Birth Support can be booked for virtual and in-person birth assistance. As your birth worker,I will utilize the techniques learned during our L&D class to keep the birth person focused and find a level of comfort and maintain that comfort during birth. Doula support can be utilized for induction, spontaneous births and belly birth. This service also grants you 24/7 access to doula during your on call period which is 2 weeks prior to your due date and 2 weeks after your due date.

** Prices for services vary, packages can be created to meet family’s needs. Please contact us for quotes**